We offer a variety of surgical options for your pet. On occasion we may need to refer your pet to a specialist for your surgical needs.


Spaying or Neutering your pet is recommended if your pet is not being used for breeding purposes. Spaying your female pet prior to her first heat cycle can decrease her chances of developing mammary tumors, pyometra and unplanned pregnancies. Neutering your male pet can reduce the chances of developing problems with his prostate and testicles. Contact us to schedule your pet’s surgery today.


There may be a time when your pet will need exploratory surgery. Feel assured that your pet will receive the best care at our facility. An exploratory may be needed to look for a foreign body obstruction, mass, or to examine internal organs.

Orthopedic Surgeries:

We are able to provide a variety of orthopedic surgical options including fracture repair, femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO), patella luxation, and much more. A surgical referral to a specialist is always an option for you as a pet owner.

Growth Removal:

There are many types of growths/masses that can appear on any part of your pet. We will be more than happy to asses each growth and determine the best method of care. We offer surgical excision, growth reduction, cauterization, and radiosurgical procedures. We always recommend histopathology on any growth we remove. Our histopathology is sent to our off-site laboratory and results are usually returned within 7-10 business day.


Some dogs and cats can develop urinary calculi (stones) that need to be removed. After removal of the calculi we recommend to send them to an off-site laboratory for proper identification to prevent re-occurrence.


We offer a variety of other surgical options depending upon your pets needs. We strive to provide the best surgical experience for you and your pet.