On Site Services

Here at the Animal Hospital we want to provide the care for your pet from puppyhood until old age. A variety of general health screenings can be conducted with results in just minutes. If we are unable to run a specific test in our office we have an off-site diagnostic laboratory which will provide results within 24 hours in most routine cases.

Blood Analysis:

We are able to check white blood cell count, red blood cell count, hematocrit, kidney values, liver values, glucose and much more with our on-site machines. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes. We recommend annual screening on all of our patients, especially those over 5 years of age.


We send our urinalysis samples to our off-site laboratory for complete evaluation of the urine. We are then able to address any care you pet needs. On occasion additional blood work may be necessary to check the overall health of your pet.

Intestinal Parasites:

A small stool sample is all we need to check for intestinal parasites. A sample can be taken during your office visit or you are welcome to drop a sample off anytime during our normal business hours. We can provide you a container for this sample also. A fecal analysis is done in office and usually takes about 10 minutes. The Center for Disease Control recommends household pets are dewormed at least 4 times a year. A majority of the heartworm preventatives will protect your pet. Ask us about your pet’s prevention to determine if your pet is at risk.


A small blood sample taken during your office visit can check for heartworm disease in your pets. Heartworms, which are contracted via mosquitos, are very prevalent in our area, and keeping your pet up to date on heartworm prevention is strongly recommended to prevent irreversible damage to your pet’s heart. 

In-House Fungal Culture:

A dermatophytosis (DTM) can be run in-house to check for a cutaneous (skin) fungal disease. This test takes 10 days total, but samples are checked every 3 days for any changes.


Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease and extra precautions are taken at our office. If you think your pet has contracted this disease call our office first and we will give you further instruction. A small stool sample is needed to test for Parvovirus. This sample is obtained at the time of the visit. 

Off-site Testing:

With our off-site laboratory we are able to check a variety of values for your pet. If there is a specific test you would like check on your pet just ask and we will be more than happy to assist you.